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Website Issues in November

November 26th, 2008

This is my first post to my blog. The past two weeks have been a real rollercoaster in terms of my website’s performance. First of all I started noticing my website becoming really slow about 2-3 weeks ago. It also kept crashing with a script error. A few customers were telling me on the phone about it and I reported it to my hosting provider Register365 aks Namesco. They didn’t take me seriously. I kept phoning and complaining and they finally said they sorted the problem Then on the 17th November things went from bad to worse! The site was totally unworkable.

I enlisted the help of a great guy from who moved my site to a different hosting provider called Blacknight. Then we ran into more problems with security errors and the site crashing. To cut a long story short everything is fine now and the site is zipping along and hopefully the images are loading much faster and the site is more reliable. Our SSL security certificate is installed and we are set for Christmas 🙂

NB: If anyone is setting up a website think carefully about who you choose as your hosting provider. My tip would be to pick a company who’s support is based in Ireland.