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HOTMilk arrives at Once Born!

HOTMilk Nursing Nightie

HOTMilk Nursing Nightie

HOTMilk Nursing Lingerie was started in New Zealand by two mothers. It is now global in just three years! HOTMilk have fabulous nursing bras, camis, nighties and PJs. Here at Once Born we are stocking their nursing nighties, PJs and camisoles to start off with.

Pregnancy and being a new mother are challenging times in a mother’s life and wearing plain lingerie certainly doesn’t do anything to lift our spirits. This is a time when, more than ever before, we need to feel special. HOTMilk’s philosophy is about empowering women, to remind them that they are beautiful confident and SEXY!

Desirable, delightful and decadent – pregnancy and nursing lingerie full of sensual sophistication.

HOTMilk’s designs are an expression of sensuality and are created from all the moods of a woman, whether that be; pretty and feminine, sexy and sensual or simply romantic and beautifully witty.

HOTmilk is a fashion forward brand that supports and encourages breastfeeding through sophisticated and stylish designs. Essentially, HOTmilk reinvents breast-feeding by showing just how fabulous a breast-feeding mother can be!

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